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Resolutions to Make You Happier Not Skinnier

I love being able to contribute on platforms like SparkPeople! Want to make resolutions that make you happier not skinnier? Check out this link!


Your Non-Stop Direct Flight to Fulfillment

Connection and relationships are our non-stop direct flight to satisfaction and fulfillment. The most important connection and practice we will have with this skill is the relationship we build with …

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5 Self-Care Tips to Use in 2017

As a coach, mentor, friend, and general bearer of light, I’ve taken a long introspective journey investing time and energy to understand myself and others. What I have found is …

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Slaying 2017 with SMARTIE Goals

S.M.A.R.T.I.E Goals Specific: don’t just lose weight, or write your book. Identify a more specific goal with milestones. Example: I will change my relationship with food and exercise. Specifically: Find …


Happy for the Holidays and Beyond

    A higher expectation to be happy for the holidays begins earlier every year and runs rampant through the Western Holiday Season.  It’s a lot of pressure.  With the …

THRIVE Marketing for Life Coaches

THRIVE! Marketing Strategies for Life Coaches

“Realistic Marketing Strategies for Life Coaches in Central Florida, By Successful Life Coaches in Central Florida” When I decided to become a life coach I also decided to start a business… …


Explanatory Styles: Choosing Optimism

Optimism There is no doubt that less reputable sources have peddled the idea of optimism as positive affirmations, rose-colored glasses or a workshop where we all hold hands and visualize …


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