5 Self-Care Tips to Use in 2017

As a coach, mentor, friend, and general bearer of light, I’ve taken a long introspective journey investing time and energy to understand myself and others. What I have found is people (myself included) LOVE structural blueprints. Some sort of tangible easy to access reminders on how to be more awesome. We thrive off practice and science backs up the benefit of using tools over and over in order to develop our brain.

No matter what ends we must meet in order to flourish in 2017, here are some self-care tips we can implement in order to stay at our best:

  1. Say Affirmations: We have all heard about affirmations. You don’t have to talk to yourself every morning but the way we view ourselves shapes absolutely everything else. Say affirmations daily, write them out, and repeat them over and over, all day long. “I am so capable” “I attract wealth and business” “I eat healthy with ease” “I am a love magnet” Recognize when the old sayings come up and call them bullshit and correct them with your affirmation.Whatever affirmations fit best for you, use the hell out of em’. Especially if they feel incredibly untrue and or uncomfortable. Find strength in the challenge and continue to use them until they change your beliefs about yourself – Until someone can say, “You are so capable” and you respond, “YAAASSS I am, thank you!”
  2. Use a Solid Planner: At Stellar Life coaching we are breaking in the New Year with intentional
    planners to get us organized. We are using a Panda planner for scheduling business, setting and tracking goals, affirmations, and accountability. A planner can help you compartmentalize all the glorious things you are attracting and learning daily, while also giving you a canvas to drum up new ideas and visions.
  3. Exercise: Get moving!! Commit to any type of movement. 15 minutes in the morning stretching. Walk the dog further than you usually do. Get a trainer. Join a yoga studio. Lift weights. Ride bikes. Find a walking club. Whatever it is, move your beautiful body.
  4. Clean Your Environment: Create an environment that is pleasing to you. Whether it’s purging old clothing, painting an old wall yellow, creating meditation area. Make your home and office a sanctuary. You deserve a peaceful, clean space to create and evolve.
  5. Build a Tribe: Support is the key to success! I would feel a lot different about myself if I wasn’t
    constantly motivated by the powerful women around me. Find people who are successful, have purpose, speak your language, and most importantly are willing to rise up and THRIVE with you!



Make 2017 your year!

Dina Filice, PCC
Stellar Life Coaching


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  • LOVE this!! The “build a tribe” and “clean your environment” have been especially impactful for me this year!! Having a place to get work done with no distractions…clutter… and people cheering you on have revolutionized my daily routines.

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