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Resolutions to Make You Happier Not Skinnier

I love being able to contribute on platforms like SparkPeople! Want to make resolutions that make you happier not skinnier? Check out this link!


Your Non-Stop Direct Flight to Fulfillment

Connection and relationships are our non-stop direct flight to satisfaction and fulfillment. The most important connection and practice we will have with this skill is the relationship we build with ourselves and our Higher Power. Unfortunately we weren’t born with little instruction books titled ‘101 ways to survive with humans’. But it’s more than surviving,…

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5 Self-Care Tips to Use in 2017

As a coach, mentor, friend, and general bearer of light, I’ve taken a long introspective journey investing time and energy to understand myself and others. What I have found is people (myself included) LOVE structural blueprints. Some sort of tangible easy to access reminders on how to be more awesome. We thrive off practice and science…

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Slaying 2017 with SMARTIE Goals

S.M.A.R.T.I.E Goals Specific: don’t just lose weight, or write your book. Identify a more specific goal with milestones. Example: I will change my relationship with food and exercise. Specifically: Find out how I like to move my body. I will try every class I can think of or find within 10 miles of my house…


Happy for the Holidays and Beyond

    A higher expectation to be happy for the holidays begins earlier every year and runs rampant through the Western Holiday Season.  It’s a lot of pressure.  With the prescribed annual cheer come the stresses of obligatory family engagements, retail shopping madness, and an almost embarrassing amount of sugary calorie consumption. Everyone wants to be…

THRIVE Marketing for Life Coaches

THRIVE! Marketing Strategies for Life Coaches

“Realistic Marketing Strategies for Life Coaches in Central Florida, By Successful Life Coaches in Central Florida” When I decided to become a life coach I also decided to start a business… BUT the business part was not my primary interest. When I started all my focus was on honing my skills as a coach: communicating effectively,…


Explanatory Styles: Choosing Optimism

Optimism There is no doubt that less reputable sources have peddled the idea of optimism as positive affirmations, rose-colored glasses or a workshop where we all hold hands and visualize the good in the world generating enough positive energy to cancel out the bad. However, the field of positive psychology has uncovered that optimism is…


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