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Myths About Happiness

When I get that raise I will be happy.

When I lose these last 10 pounds I will love my body!

If my partner would just (fill in the blank), I would be happy.

When I finish this book, get that role, or have 8k followers, THEN I will be happy.

The idea that happiness is something outside of us, to be attained, rewarded with, or as something out of reach until we meet some external goal is actually false.

In fact, the research can tell us exactly how happiness is comprised:

Research shows how to be happy. Life Coaching can help.

10% of your happiness is circumstance… That is right, all of us usually put some circumstantial external factor before happiness, ALL of them only account for 10% of happiness. Which means even if you got the raise, finished the book, lost the weight, and got the followers – there is a high chance you will still not happy.

50% of your happiness is not up to you at all; it is your genetic make-up; it’s just how you were born. Think of the genetics piece of happiness as a baseline: when life is not awesome but it’s not bad, how you tend to feel in that in-between space is your genetic set point. Some of have a set point of 10 blazing through life even the hard times with a smile, and some of stroll along at a solid 5, border-lining on melancholy.

40% of your happiness is predicted by your intentional activities – those things you CHOOSE to do. This is the most powerful part of the equation! You can transcend circumstance, counter genetics, and make your life exceedingly better, by simply making different choices. Choosing to go to yoga, do community service work, or join a bowling league. You choose, you become happier.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching helps to understand your happiness equation.Life Coaching is about capitalizing on that 40% by understanding the way we interpret, internalize and explain the positive and negative experiences in our lives.

So where do we begin?

Let’s begin with re-evaluating your happiness equation. What external things are you putting before happiness? What cycles are on repeat in your life, relationships, or work? Life coaching is a way to develop a deeper awareness of yourself, and free up the mental space to be able to choose differently!

There ample evidence that says, when our minds are primed for positivity, we are more creative, engaged, motivated, energetic, resilient and productive. And we are more likely to:

Life Coaches guide you in priming your mind for positivity.

  • Be in better overall health
  • Develop deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • Experience greater satisfaction with our successes and triumphs
  • Be more confident when faced with challenging or difficult circumstances
  • Bounce back quicker from negative outcomes
  • Perform at peak levels at work
  • Lead successful and effective teams
  • Achieve better work-life balance
  • Have better communication skills

It does not matter how you define success. Some of us are high power players with corporations to run. Others are stay-at home parents with young fragile minds to nurture. Whether you have been working hard; had a taste of success or little at all, have beautiful, healthy kids; feel like something is missing, or are flat-out unhappy – perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your happiness equation.

Choosing Happiness

We now know, through rigorous research, that we can change how we perceive and internalize the outside world. We can change our minds – which means, when bad things happen, they can either be the block that keeps us from what we desire most or they can be the opportunity or challenge we need to move us forward. The choice is ours.

Happiness. It is what we do.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but choosing happiness is often one of our greatest challenges. But in choosing happiness, we become responsible for our own happiness. As tough as it sounds, it is also the most rewarding choice we can ever make. We are no longer the victims of circumstance, bad days (or bad months), bad jobs, bad relationships, gossiping co-workers or micro-managing bosses. We find a renewed confidence in our decisions, inspiration to live the life we love, and recognize that we can face and deal with situations that used to paralyze us.

What does Life Coaching Look Like?

  1. Your personal life coach becomes your partner on your journey.We work with you to take a deeper look at how you perceive the world around you and help you identify the core issues about how you get stuck. More importantly, we give you the tools to get and remain un-stuck.
  2. We know that happiness ignites success, so we break it down into its most basic parts and help you define happiness for yourself.
  3. We align your passions, desires and goals with your strengths, virtues and explanatory style.
  4. We help you develop an action plan that will enable you to achieve your happiness.
  5. We become partners on your journey, offering support, tools, resources and accountability toward ensuring your success.

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