Slaying 2017 with SMARTIE Goals

S.M.A.R.T.I.E Goals

Specific: don’t just lose weight, or write your book. Identify a more specific goal with milestones. Example: I will change my relationship with food and exercise. Specifically:

  • Find out how I like to move my body. I will try every class I can think of or find within 10 miles of my house or office until I find something I enjoy and would want to do again.
  • Try experimenting with new foods twice a week: Week 1 Avocado and Quinoa Week 2 Blueberries and Kale Week 3 Tofu and Yogurt etc.

Measurable: Don’t leave all of your effort and energy to be measured by the scale! I will know I have
achieved my goal or reached a milestone when I:

  • Can get into my butt jeans from 2008.
  • Can take the stairs without being winded.
Attainable/Achievable:  This is where most people lose the battle. Changing a habit, good or bad habit, is difficult and requires a lot of self-control… You may need to lose 50 lbs. fast for that wedding in March, however, if you have health issues, or if you just a had a child, got laid off, your relationship is on the rocks. or some other life event that acts as a stressor – you will not have the cognitive power required to take on that goal. Consider who you are, your lifestyle, what your current situation is, your support system, how much sleep you get, how much extra time you ACTUALLY have… Acknowledge it and accept progress over perfection.

Realistic: Close your eyes and imagine waking up tomorrow, next week, or for the next 6 months, without your morning bagel, smoking, or coffee, Can you see it? If not, then that is not the goal for you. Realistic, means you may want it, you might even need it… BUT if you
cannot see it being a REAL thing in your own imagination – then refine it until it is realistic for you.

Time Bound: Put specific deadlines and or due dates in place so you can track your progress and adjust your own expectations or plan accordingly. Maybe even get an accountability partner to check in with.

Intrinsic/Internal: Choose goals that are intrinsically motivating… Meaning you find joy in doing it. Maybe you don’t know what that is for you (yet), make the goal to find it. Internal goals are not measured with a rigid measuring stick. It is not about making the weight so you can squeeze into the bridesmaid dress, rather it is about loving yourself and learning how to use self-care to feel and live better. In other words, set a goal that is what you want, not what you MUST do or what your parents/partner or anyone else says you should do.

Enthusiastic! Close your eyes, shut off the voice that says you won’t do it or you can’t do it. Imagine
everything that can go right does, it is December 2017 and you achieved your goal! How do you feel? How is your life different? How is your relationship/work/body/daily routine different? If that feeling gets you pumped and exhilarated, then you have the right goal.


Happy Goal Smashing!
Stellar Life Coaching

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