THRIVE! Marketing Strategies for Life Coaches


“Realistic Marketing Strategies for Life Coaches in Central Florida, By Successful Life Coaches in Central Florida”

When I decided to become a life coach I also decided to start a business… BUT the business part was not my primary interest. When I started all my focus was on honing my skills as a coach: communicating effectively, overcoming client blocks, applications for positive psychology, yoga and meditation… All of which did make me a better coach. I received multiple testimonials, I got published in a few articles, I got asked to speak a few times. Most importantly, for the first time in my life I absolutely LOVED what I was doing- I believed I had found my calling. I was lucky in my first year because I had some start-up money. So, I had a big office; I had attended marketing seminars with coaches claiming six figure incomes from all over the world. I hired a PR and marketing firm. Still, at the end of my first year I almost had to close my business because, while I might have been a great coach, I wasn’t getting enough clients to pay my bills. 15 clients in 12 months. My son was 1 year old, my savings was depleted, and all I knew was that I could not go back to working for someone else, or do anything else.

In the end, I had no choice but to close my office. My first year was the biggest financial loss of my career. I thought I had done everything I was supposed to do. I got the office, I got the technology, I got certified four different ways; I paid the people I was supposed to pay to make my business grow and I had nothing to show for it. My phone hadn’t rung in months. Then one day I got a call and that feeling I get when I click with a potential client happened. It was like electricity. We chatted for less than 15 minutes and scheduled a consultation and since I had no office so we planned to meet at a local coffee shop. I realized with that one call that I could not under any circumstances give up on my business. Business being the key word. I learned, while I was completely mortified to meet a client at a café, my new client didn’t care at all. Which proved to me that I had focused so much on making sure it looked like a “coaching practice”, and that I felt secure in saying “I am a life coach” that I completely neglected the business side of my business.

That is when I started to understand what it meant to market my practice. I started to work on an authentic brand. Since I could no longer afford to pay anyone else to market my business I got honest with myself about what I was and was not willing to do. I wrote my own content. I became willing to look at my insecurities about marketing and how it had held me back. I developed the resolve to keep doing whatever I could do with the little budget that I had. I threw away the measuring stick and stopped comparing my business to others. I was real, it was uncertain, but eventually I got out of Starbucks. Each year since I have doubled my income from the year before. Four years later, Stellar Life Coaching is a successful coaching practice. I have hired a second coach and we get between 2-7 new leads every month. I have done this with a minimal or, at times, no budget.

A few years back I worked with the Mental Health Counselors of Central Florida, and I saw how much local therapists supported each other. They got together every month and talked about techniques, marketing ideas, but most of all they supported each other through referrals. Despite there being some thousands of life coaches in Central Florida – there is no group like this for life coaches.

My goal with THRIVE! is simple: Realistic marketing strategies for life coaches in Central Florida, by successful coaches in Central Florida.

So, if you are a coach or an aspiring coach, regardless of your budget, or where you are in the process of starting your business. Please join us, and let your passion for supporting others AND your business THRIVE! In order to provide customized strategies for each participant there are only 10 seats available – Reserve yours today!

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